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Prison Escape [Adventure] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Prison Escape [Adventure] Map is the first in a series of map Prison Escape very popular, today we are pleased to introduce to you this map.

Surely you are familiar with this map series, but occasionally we come together to experience the feelings replay something that is very cool right? Tasks in this map to make the player always has to know but I still would like to add once common for players to know and enjoy. The ultimate objective of this map is by all means let’s get out of prison most safely.Only thus, be careful and alert to guard, that single note. Have a nice time !




  1. Never break blocks (only the following blocks are allowed to break: cobweb, beds, coal, diamond, gold, torches, iron)
  2. Play on hard
  3. You are only allowed to craft these tools: armor, swords, pick axe, torches
  4. Set a spawn point before you decide to start

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