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Prison Escape 3 [Adventure] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Prison Escape 3 [Adventure] Map is the third in a series map Prison Escape maps by the author Steffen. Like the two previous versions, the task of this map is to escape a jail to find out for myself purity and return to his family.

If you’ve played previous versions of this map, you will feel a extremely clear storyline in all 3 maps. You have been slandered or had certain duties, loath to jail to release someone. Try to draw out a perfect plan to be able to fool the glass soup name and sneak out, if they are detected they will fire and your life will be threatened. Good luck !




  • Never break blocks (exception blocks: cobweb, beds, diamond, gold, coal, torch, iron, mob spawners)
  • Play on Hard mode
  • You are only allowed to craft the following items: torches, armors, swords, pickaxes
  • Set a spawn point before starting

Author: SteffenNL



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