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PRISON 4.0 [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is effective for robbers, cops, and roleplays who require a prison. Impressive features of the map include new villager skins, custom items, and trading system. You can find many areas in prison such as a yard, a cafeteria, and jail cells.

How does PRISON 4.0 [Creation] Map work?

Founded by: Enderbrine01


  • Road
  • Sound of Sniper rifle
  • Underwater base
  • Zombie pigman equipping armor
  • Jungle village

How to Install PRISON 4.0 [Creation] Map

Click these links below to enjoy the full version of this map. It promises to make you happy when playing this game.

Download Behavior .McPack

Download Resource .McPack

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

Convict/Prisoner Skin .PNG

Prison Guard Skin .PNG

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