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PRISON 3.5 [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

A prison is responsible for capturing robbers, cops, roleplays, and other prison escapes. You have a chance to choose one of two teams, villager skins, custom items, and a flexible trading system. There is a variety of places in the prison. They could be listed here, including a yard, jail cellos, and a cafeteria.

Founded by: Enderbrine01

How does PRISON 3.5 [Creation] Map work?

How to Install PRISON 3.5 [Creation] Map

Let’s enjoy the full version of this map by clicking these following links. It takes you a few minutes to complete these steps.

Download Behavior .McPack

Download Resource .McPack

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

Convict/Prisoner Skin .PNG

Prison Guard Skin .PNG


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