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Power Pills Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

The Power Pills Mod is a mod about treatment and drug.This mod adds seven pills.It would simply like you to take medication and was bundled some effect.

This seven different pills will bring you interesting experiences.All of them own different potion effects.Some pills are simple which extra your attack damage or extra your armor.Some pills are dangerous when you drink which makes you swoon.So be careful!!.Almost of them have the same ability that is health regeneration.You be able to digest them when lost some of your health.

Power Pills Mod
Power Pills

Item IDs and its features:

  • Empty Pill Capsule (1400) – in future will be used to craft other pills
  • Deadly Pill (1401) – wither effect
  • Golden Pill (1402) – regeneration effect
  • Immune Booster Pill (1403) – jump boost effect
  • Love Pill (1404) – healing effect
  • Nature Pill (1405) – haste effect
  • Spicy Pill (1406) – fire resistance effect
  • Water Pill (1407) – water breathing effect


Author: JoePaleto


Power Pills Mod


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