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Pocket RPG (Gauge) Mod (Android)


Pocket RPG (Gauge) Modis a part of Pocket RPG project, which provides new mobs, NPCs, weapons and a lot of interesting things. However, it’s not completely perfect, just on the way to finish. You need to check out a single feature – gauge system in the mod release. This is a good tool to follow your health status and opponents you need to attack.

Founded by: Mhafy.1016

How does Pocket RPG (Gauge) Mod work?

If you are making use of BlockLaucher, you need to download and install the .modpkg file.  After that, the new user interface will appear in your screen’s top left corner, which indicates your current health status, saturation level such as:

  • HP Bar
  • MP Bar
  • Hunger Bar
  • Exp Bar
  • Level

You also see the health status of which you attack at top right corner. If you attach a pig, its health bar will go down.


In short, Pocket RPG (Gauge) Mod is the best tool for you to follow the health status of both yourself and your opponents in the game.


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