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Minecraft PE Seed: plumb – Great Canyons

The spawn on the top of tree. Next to it is an great extreme hills biome, in this biome have lots of high hill, look like they’re has touching to the cloud and sky. In this biome, have a extremely deep sheer gorge.

And have a river running at the bottom. Look it so majestic and cool.


If you’re have an extreme hill then you will face with the taiga biomes with tall tree and ferns. The
taiga biome has found in the right of the extreme hills biomes.


One more thing, if you dig straight down at the spawn you will reach to an cave system with gold,
lapis lazuli, and load of iron. At the end of cave system a waterfall and a lava pool can be found.
Enjoy it!!!!.



Seeds : plumb Work in PE ver0.9.0+

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