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Plenty of Biomes Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Enjoy your perfect survival adventure with the Plenty of Biomes Near Spawn Seed. You will stand on the edge of various biomes once you are spawn. Each biome will open for each direction you tend to go. You can find some elegant views there such as elegant flower plains, a large birch forest and a majestic mountains biome.

Creator: KamenRider

How does Plenty of Biomes Near Spawn Seed work?

When you have spawn, a beautiful world is in front of your eyes with the surprisingly elegant flower plains.

There is a big swamp on your left side that looks like a great biome.

Go toward another direction, there is a small dark oak forest for you to explore.

Located in a big mountains biome, there are some big mountains to welcome you. All you need to do is crossing them under the dark oak forest.

Continue your adventure and you will see a big birch forest. This forest offers a plenty of resources for you to survive.

Next to spawn, you can find a big ocean. Discover the seed more and you have higher chance to enjoying more biomes.

Seed: RockTheBiome

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