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Pixel Battle! [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

In Pixel Battle! [Minigame] Map, there is an amazing competition among three players. Each player will try to set up the most beautiful pixel art. In addition to two main players, there is one player that is called the judge who determines the best pixel art. The restart button of this map is very friendly to use, which allows you to try the game several times.

Founded by: Fizzman797

How does Pixel Battle! [Minigame] Map work

As I have mentioned above, three players of the game include one judge and two builders. The judge has the ability to decide the winner. In the beginning, the judge must choose a category. Then, he has to set a timer for 5 minutes by pressing the button. This is the time to decide the best build.

The white canvas is the idealist area to build the pixel art. The judge can restart the game immediately.

Video Preview

How to Install Pixel Battle! [Minigame] Map

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