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Pitfall! PE | Parkour Map for MCPE

Pitfall! was one of the things that raised me when I grew up. Pitfall! is a classic video game came to the market back in 1982 for the Atari 2600 console. And since then it has been the child hood of countless boys and girls. The Pitfall! PE Parkour map is inspired by this game and the obstacles and goals in game are pretty much similar. The objective is simple. You need to get pass a bunch of different obstacles by the use of parkour, that means running and jumping, not all at once, and collect all treasures which are gold ingots. Your score is judged based on how many gold ingots you have by the time you reach the finish.

All credit goes to Fizzman797

How to play Pitfall! PE ?

This parkour map is one long parkour level with multiple checkpoints. Pull down the levers on the diamond blocks to open iron doors. If you then fall down and die, a minecart will take you back to your last.

Pitfall! PE

Throughout the map there are some chests. In these chests there will be more than just gold ingots, but you should only be caring about the gold. If you have got five gold ingots by the end of your run then you can consider yourself an expert at parkour!

As for all parkour maps out there, you will die quite a few times. You might even rage quit. So that is perfectly normal.

Pitfall! PE Pitfall! PE

Rules for Pitfall! PE

  • Collect gold ingots from chests
  • Play on peaceful (-|–)
  • Flip the levers on diamond blocks (checkpoints which can later be reached by minecarts)
  • Don’t break blocks


Once you have downloaded the zip file and extracted it (by using a file manager such as ES File Explorer) you will have to create a new folder and move all the files to it. Then move that folder to the world folder: /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/


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