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Piston is coming to 0.15.0

In Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.0, Redstone phase 1, or the main Redstone portion was released. It didn’t please everybody though as some of the key items for Redstone were not included. Some of these items will be introduced in the upcoming updates. One of them being the Piston is coming to 0.15.0. And this surely satisfies some people.

piston is coming to 0.15.0

 What is a piston?

Pistons is a Redstone-related block capable of pushing other blocks when given a power source.

How to craft a piston?

  • 3 Wooden Planks + 4 Cobblestone + 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Redstone => 1 Piston


Normal Pistons can move up to 12 adjacent blocks but cannot pull them back.

Piston can’t move all types of block. These blocks include blast resistant blocks like Obsidian or Bedrock; liquid like Water and Lava; Chests, Crafting Tables, and Furnaces.

When a Slime Block is attached to a Piston, it moves all blocks adjacent to the Slime Block. However there is a limit to the amount of blocks that can be pushed.

Piston is coming to 0.15.0

It was announced on December 2015 that Piston was coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition in update 0.14.0 due to the resource associates with Redstone were incredibly limited at that time. However, after numerous betas and testings, Mojang decided that they would not release Piston in 0.14.0 and save it for a later update. Many sources are suggesting that Piston is coming to 0.15.0. Although this is very much likely, there is a possibility that Piston can be pushed to a later update.

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