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Perfect Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft PE

In Perfect Survival Island Seed, you will have the most perfect experience I’ve ever come across in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The shape and the natural resources available on the island are the specialities that make this seed excellent. There is a pretty overhanging hill with lots of tree in the center of the island. You can easily find pigs, cows, and other animals which spawn on grass there.

Found by: Sninlak

Another great thing is that the island has a natural waterfall. Although water is not really necessary on an island, it’s still an amazing looking feature.

Perfect Survival Island Seeds features


This is how the mountain/hill overhang looks like.


And this is an entrance leading down to a tunnel.


The tunnel leads to a dead end. And the water doesn’t flood the tunnel for some reason.



Seed: 24517192

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