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Penta Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

The Penta Parkour is a parkour map of five challenging levels. Because as you all know, Penta means five. If you do not know, then, congratulations, you have just learned something new. The objective in each level is to obtain a key. That key can be obtained by completing certain parkour excercises. The key can then be used to open the iron door which leads to the next level. Each level is longer and more difficult to complete than the last. The expected total gameplay time is somewhere around 20 minutes.


The five levels are in five completely different terrains. Some are more difficult than others.

penta parkour

Complete each level to collect a pressure plate. Place the pressure plate in front of the iron door to pass through the door.

penta parkour

Download link for the Penta Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

All credit goes to JangHosick


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