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Penguin Add-on

As the replacement of the creeper, the penguin becomes the main character in this game. If the penguin finds out any player keeping fishes, it will follow immediately. Hitting the penguin makes it attack the players and squids. If you kill the penguin, it will release fish.
Founded by: AlexCraft

How to Play Penguin Add-on

Give the penguins fish and taming them is a simple task.
• Windows 10: After making a right click on the penguin, you can tame it.
• iOS / Android: After making a long press on the penguin, you should choose the Tame button and start taming it.
If a penguin is tamed, it will follow the owner right away. It can heal the hurt owner by sing some fish.

Key Features

• Penguin is the replacement of the Creeper
• Neutral behavior
• Use fish to heal
• I can be tamed by eating fish

How to Install Penguin Add-on

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for exploring a world
• Enjoy the world
Download a .ZIP for this game here.