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Peafowl Add-on (1.8+ Only)

What are new features in this addon? They include 1 peahen type and 2 peacock types. This makes your world more beautiful. You will be impressed by the surprising animation in its animation. Although most of the creatures are cute, you should be careful with the peacock.
Founded by: CookieModder

How to Play Peafowl Add-on

Plains biomes and forests are two most popular places where the birds spawn. In addition to birds, it also has one peahen and two peacock types. Avoid hitting the peacock.

After finding an egg, you should look at the hatching animation. Once the egg starts cracking, it is the sign of welcoming a baby bird.
The baby will have its gender when it receives seeds.

How to Set Up Peafowl Add-on (1.8+ Only)

Download Resources .McPack
Download Behaviors .McPack
• Use the packs for exploring a full world
• Enjoy the world

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