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PC Crafting in MCPE – Coming Soon

Minecraft Pocket Edition might be becoming too expansive for its own good. There are many many many items in Minecraft PE, too many. And there is not a TooManyItems mod for MCPE. Crafting in Minecraft Pocket Edition is becoming too much of a pain too, as there are too many items to sort through once you have a lot of crafting ingredient at your disposal. Because of this, it is highly demanded that Mojang brings PC crafting in MCPE.

pc crafting in MCPe
How crafting is currently working in MCPE

For those of you who don’t know how to craft in Minecraft Pocket Edition, it doesn’t work like the PC. Basically, instead of choosing ingredients to put into the crafting table, you choose the item you want to create and the ingredients will automatically be placed in the crafting table. While this might sound like more nifty to some people (myself including), it poses a huge problem that bothers everyone.

It’s good for some early stage gameplay, when you’re just a new kid on a block and don’t have a dime in your pocket, and don’t know any crafting recipes, either. So it’s helpful to people who are new to the game. But as you progress, you gain more items, and the number of items that you can craft increases. This makes crafting very difficult because you have to search in a long list of craftable items to find what you want, even though you’d already known its recipe. It’s very much a pain considering there are no filters or “search by name” button.

pc crafting in MCPe
How crafting works in PC

Therefore, the devs are deciding to bring PC Crafting in MCPE, which is about damn time to most players and out of the comfort zone for others. The best way to please everyone is to introduce this feature is by bring PC Crafting in MCPE as an optional option. And that’s how it’s likely to be.

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