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Parkour++ (Modded Map) [Parkour] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Parkour ++ (Modded Map) [Parkour] Map is an interesting map with 9 completely different level, with attractive real challenge.

When you start to experience this map, you’ll see some different blocks such as clay blocks or gemstone. Clay blocks offer you a special feature that is when you touch it, then immediately it will switch to another color, the gemstone also work shifts you from one place to another. Also some notes while playing, such as red clay block that can kill you when you touch it or stand on it. Keep in mind all the notes on to be able to complete this map one to the fullest.

Block Abilities

  • Black Stained Clay: Blindness
  • Green Stained Clay: Instant heal
  • Brown Stained Clay: Instant damage
  • Yellow Stained Clay: Speed boost
  • Red Stained Clay: Instant death
  • Orange Stained Clay: Instant jump
  • White Stained Clay: Does nothing



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