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Parkour Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

The Parkour Mod was inspired by parkour maps.This mod helps you create amazing parkour maps which are own.

This mod adds an editor tool to the game which can create parkour maps.After you finish to create a map, you can share to your friend for enjoying together.Depending on each person, surely have many different types of jumping.Every clay block has been redesigned to make use of the potion effects.This tool will have three action that is actions, create and test.

Parkour Mod

Block Abilities

  • Light blue: speed boost
  • Yellow: slowness
  • Lime: nausea
  • Pink: high jump
  • Gray: poison
  • Cyan: regeneration
  • Green: full life
  • Red: kill
  • Black: spawn
  • Blue: checkpoint



Parkour Mod

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