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Parachute Mod for Minecraft PE 0.12.1

A common way you usually do that jump off cliffs, waterfall or other similar things.With this mod, you can fly down from it by using parachutes.It’s so amazing.

Those parachutes which allow the player to descend slowly from great heights.Parachute Mod provides you four difference colorful parachute such as Blue Parachute, Red Parachute, and more.It bring you a lot of fun, threatening and amazing ides.Those parachute in mod are still simple and not very much beautiful.This is special in this mod.So I think it would be great if you try it now.it’s easy to manage as it adds just one new button to the screen.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes:

  • Classic Parachute (370) – 3 wool + 2 strings + 1 leather
  • Red Parachute (371) – 1 classic parachute + 1 rose red
  • Green Parachute (372) – 1 classic parachute + 1 cactus green
  • Blue Parachute (373) – 1 classic parachute + 1 lapis lazuli
Parachute Mod
Parachute Mod

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Parachute Mod


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