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Painting in MCPE [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

People who love art will actually fall in love with Painting in MCPE [Creation] Map. This map allows players to paint greatly in Minecraft PE. There is a plenty of options for you to choose from, including different colors and different brushes. Once you complete your creation, feel confident to save and load your paintings. Most of them are created by using command blocks.

Founded by: AboodyCraft

How does Painting in MCPE [Creation] Map work?

The first step is pressing the Clear (‘C’) button to reset your paintings. Try to find this button as in the following images.

Think about the type of color and brush for your painting first. Look at the right side of the painting, there are different buttons to help you serve this task.

Let your player move toward any direction you like on the canvas. Try not to break any blocks. Check whether you set your render distance at the maximum or not. You don’t want to paint only on the bottom section of the canvas, right?

Click here to see a GIF animation of the moment when a player paints.

To keep your creations, press SAVE. It will automatically save your paintings in the memory.

Then, load your paintings by using the load features. Browsing your collection is so easy by using the right and left buttons.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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