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Outdoor Escape Add-on (

Let’s start your camping with fireflies, campfires, tents, etc. With the appearance of the bonfire, the game equips a new cooking system that makes your trip interesting.
Founded by: CodanRaigen21


There are 6 types of tents for you to choose from. Make a long press to change the color of your tent, including Silver, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.

Log Bench

It comes with 2 seats for 2 players and is used for sitting down. Change the textures of different log bench types by using these items: Dark oak log, Birch log, Spruce log, Acacia log, Oak log, and Jungle log.

Sleeping Bags

They are not only for sleeping but sitting. 6 colors of the bags include Yellow, Silver, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.


After placing the torch, you can spawn the lamp immediately. You can only use the torch on the ground, not hanging it.

How to Set Up Outdoor Escape Add-on (

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Use the packs for exploring a world
• Enjoy the world

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