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OttieCraftPE [32×32] [16×16] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

There are many interesting features that encourage you to play OttieCraftPE [32×32] [16×16] Texture Pack. Firstly, the pack has the great combination between high simplicity and cartoon style. Bright colors make the Minecraft world more beautiful and happier. Moreover, the patterns of this game are obsessive and symmetrical. Compared to oCd Texture Pack, it shares many similarities.

Hope to see redesigned blocks soon in the future.

Founded by: ottiemans

Ported by: Johan99

How to Play OttieCraftPE [32×32] [16×16] Texture Pack?

These following pictures tell you the details of this texture pack. Discover them now.

How to Install OttieCraftPE [32×32] [16×16] Texture Pack

To download the normal pack, click here.

To download Shaders, click here.

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