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Organized Settings Addon for Minecraft PE

This game makes impressive with a friendly user interface. It has a variety of settings to discover. Because of the limitation for the Video Settings display, you will need the support from a scroll. It allows you to access the game quickly.

Founded by: NetherNinja

How to Play Organized Settings Addon

Check out these following settings to explore more about this addon.

  • Camera Perspective
  • View Bobbing
  • in-game names
  • Hide Hand
  • Field of View
  • NEW toggle icons
  • Animations
  • Inventory tweak
  • Support for language
  • Advanced video
  • Additional settings

How to Install Organized Settings Addon

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Choose Minecraft
  3. Access Settings > Global Resources > Enable the pack

Download a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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