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OP Bonus Chest Addon (1.2 Beta Only) for Minecraft PE

With OP Bonus Chest Addon, you can enjoy a variety of gorgeous features for version 1.2. It allows the chest to spawn close to valuable starter items. Normally, these items include foods, tools made from wood and so on. But they turn into emeralds and diamond in this addon.

Founded by: SKAR_Gamer

How to Play OP Bonus Chest Addon

Remember that this addon is only compatible with Minecraft version 1.2. Your task is enabling or disenabling the bonus chest, which helps you set up a new world effectively.

There is no difficulty in finding the chest because it is created near the spawning place. Enter the chest, and you can find many important items.

How to Install OP Bonus Chest Addon

Notice: Only Android or Windows 10 users of the 1.2 beta version can activate this addon. Click here to see how the beta works.

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Enable the pack for discovering a world in-game

Feel wonderful to download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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