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One Village in Three Biomes Seed for Minecraft PE

What do features make this seed outstanding from the others? The answer is so simple. It comes from the integration of the seed in 3 distinct biomes, including a desert biome, plains, and mesa.

Therefore, you have a good chance to enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding areas.

How to Play One Village in Three Biomes Seed

The first requirement is turning right. There is a mesa biome in front of you. You can get to the mesa biome by overcoming the water.

Then, turn left and walk along the mesa biome’s border.

It requires you to walk nearly a circle of the mesa biome before getting the village.

Enter the chest of the blacksmith, and you can find these valuable items:

  • 1 saddle
  • 2 apples
  • 2 bread loaves
  • 2 gold ingots
  • 3 ink sacks

Seed: 1427903212

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