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One Night At Frankies (Horror!) [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

If you had a chance to enjoy Five Nights At Freddie’s video games, you would find some similarities between this game and One Night At Frankies (Horror!) [Minigame] Map. Some typical features of the map include jumpscares, command blocks, Redstone, and custom sounds. These factors combine well with each other in creating a fun and interesting game.

Founded by: CreeperGamerZXZ

How does this map work?

With the horror feature, the game might make you feel a little bit scared and challenged. Look at these following differences.

  • Wooden button represents for Camera
  • Stone button behind you represents for Generator
  • Stone button in front of you means the hall lights
  • Levers represents for Door locks

Use the camera to avoid meeting Golden Frankie.

How to install One Night At Frankies (Horror!) [Minigame] Map

Notice: Remember to choose 50% of the brightness, 109 fields of view before starting the game.

  1. Download World.McTemplate
  2. Open Minecraft PE and create a new world
  3. Choose the One Night At Frankies World Template
  4. Build up the world

Feel free to get a .ZIP file here.

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