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All In One [Minigame] [Parkour] [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

This map offers a great opportunity to discover 50 attractions, including different parkour courses and multiplayer minigames. You can decide to play the game on your own or with other players. Your main task is selecting your favorite level of the game.

Founded by: EaterComputer

What are The Attractions of The Game?

There are 8 holes in this game that requires you to hit the ball correctly to the hole. Feel free to throw the ball again if you lose it.

Try to complete all parkour courses in the game.

Use some carrots of the chests to put the pig on a pressure plate. Besides, a Redstone signal can make the door open.

You will find this game similar to the well-known Wipeout minigame.

Make your effort to become the first one to climb the ladder.

When you use a tool from the chest, you can push other players to the goal.

Wear the wetsuit as well.

Are you ready to start the game now?


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