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Oceanic Redstone [Redstone] Map

Do you want to modify your Minecraft game with more attractive design? Let’s try installing Oceanic Redstone [Redstone] and experience your interesting game.


You can imagine that in a large island village, among different custom houses, there is a house with oceanic redstone. It is designed with more than 50 redstone machines, which are suitable for the player who has average memory to keep in mind. In general, it’s not only easy to remember but also big enough for funny exploration. Let’s play the game now.

Founded by: XProfessorX


This oceanic redstone map has something to be changed and fixed to make it better:

  • Ocean has nice look now with more plants
  • The pool has a new roof made from glass
  • Fixed spawn
  • Hidden underwater structure
  • Mediafire link
  • Minor bug fixes

How to Install Oceanic Redstone [Redstone] Map

For easy installation, let’s follow the link below then click the download button in Mediafire website:

After all, I hope you have great experience with new oceanic redstonedesign for your Minecraft game.



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