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OceanCraft PE Addon

In this game, the aquatic life will replace some mobs. The creatures could be listed here, including shrimps, crabs, whales, and sharks. One way to spawn these creatures is making use of text commands or using spawn eggs.

Founded by:  Fernancraft277998

Key Features

  • Butterfly Fish is the replacement of Witch
  • Lionfish is the replacement of Zombie, which tends to attack the players
  • Stone Fish is the replacement of Husk, which is very poisonous
  • Jellyfish is the replacement of Cow, which tends to fight against the players and fish
  • Shrimp is the replacement of Pig, which is very passive
  • Sharks are the replacement of Elder Guardian and Guardian, which fight against sheep and fish
  • Crabs are the replacement of Cave Spider and Spider, which attacks fish and players
  • Octopuses are the replacement of Stray and Skeleton, which tend to attack fish and players
  • Whales are the replacement of Polar Bear, which attacks shrimp and fish
  • Mantarrayas is the replacement of Evoker, which fights against fish
  • Swordfish is the replacement of Zombie Pigman, which defeats fish and players

How to Install OceanCraft PE Addon

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