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Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE


As its name suggests, there are 2 main parts in this seed, including an ocean monument and a stronghold. Both of them are considered as rare structures with the underwater generation. Discover all gorgeous features of the seed as below.

Creator: InnovatorGavin_3

How Does Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold Seed Work?

Do you wonder about the spawning place? It is at the top of a tree in the limitation of a forest biome. You can find the forest biome near a desert biome. After going to the settings menu, you need to open cheats function. Next, write the command: /tp 1258 75 -1827, which leads you to the Ocean Monument and Underwater stronghold.

To see everything under the water, you must take a potion of night vision.

Pay close attention to the stronghold. This part is rare and attractive in the whole seed. Not many seeds come with the stronghold that is underwater.

Although the ocean monument shares the same appearance with other monuments, it is still a wonderful structure to discover.

Seed: 702642131

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