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Ocean Monument Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

One of the most impressive features of this seed is the ocean monument, which is located next to the spawn. As a new construction in Minecraft, this monument looks like desert temples and many villages. The seed allows Android users or users with a higher level of 0.15.9 to access.

Creator: dollardagreat

The place for you to spawn is a small island, which is far away from the ocean. All you need is holding a nightvision potion that allows you to spawn at the appropriate time. There is no difficulty in owning the potion. After you fly on the right, you can see everything underneath you. Look through the water, and you will find the ocean monument.

It is hard to see many things under the water without swimming closely to the monument.  Look at the entrance. It allows you to come closely to the monument.

What are inside the monument? There are common Guardians and an Elder Guardian existing in Minecraft PE 0.15.9. Therefore, remember to equip some important weapons for surviving.

Seed: -1436927780

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