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oCd [16×16] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

The main idea of the oCd texture pack is to bring textures that are simple and calm and give out feeling that is … cartoon-ish. Although Minecraft itself is already sort of cartoon. The symmetrical look along with the soft color tones make for a simple and clean texture pack.

This texture pack is one of those better texture packs created for Minecraft and now has been ported to Pocket Edition! It is definitely a fun and unique texture pack.

All credit goes to disco_, migue_300, and ShinodaGarrix

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Download link for the oCd Texture Pack

iOS Download
Android Download – 0.9.x/0.10.x
Android Download – 0.11.x
Android Download – 0.12.x
Android Download – 0.14.x

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  1. can’t instal this 0.15.6

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