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NostalgyConceptPack Resource Pack Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon brings some previous versions of Minecraft and upgrades them to the new versions of Minecraft PE. There is no challenge in playing this game. It is quite simple to access the game after several times of use. You can see all basic features here in the friendly user interface.

Founded by: SirZeus

Main Changes

I think the biggest change of NostalgyConceptPack Resource Pack Addon is the servers screen and the world. Your task is choosing one of the buttons, which are located in the top right, to set up the world, add new friends or new servers.

The following image describes other modified screens.

Key Features

New screens

  • Play screen
  • Start screen
  • World create/edit
  • World templates
  • Skin picker
  • Add external server
  • Settings

HUD Modified Screen

  • XP bar classic
  • Hotbar offset
  • Inventory open button
  • Hotbar opacity

Clouds coming with the similar PC appearance

How to install NostalgyConceptPack Resource Pack Addon

Notice: NostalgyConceptPack Resource Pack has the optimization for 1.1.x for Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, it is also compatible for older Minecraft PE versions.

Follow our steps to enjoy the full version of this addon.

If you are interested in this game, feel free to get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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