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Night Vision Pack (Shader)

Say goodbye with the darkness in this pack. It is the big difference between this game and other packs. There is no need for torches. The game allows you to discover caves and other interesting things at night.
Founded by: LinusDev

How to Play Night Vision Pack (Shader)

Pay close attention to 2 following pictures. The right image looks so dark while the left one is brighter. This happens when you enable the pack. After logging out, you come back to the game and find that it is much darker.

What is special about the night? It has the dark skies but with the same structure blocks and terrain.

How to Install Night Vision Pack (Shader)

Download Resource .McPack
• Access Minecraft PE
• Choose Settings > Global resources > Enable the pack
• Start Minecraft PE again
Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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