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New 1.12 Color Palette Pack for Minecraft PE

It’s time for a new change in Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft for PC with New 1.12 Color Palette Pack. Two types of supported blocks in the pack include clay blocks and the wool. You will see the improvement of color palette like sheep in this pack. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

The game is ported by alexpvp1.

Main Changes

The biggest difference between these following packs is the color brightness.

This is how enabled texture pack looks like.

Without texture pack, the Vanilla looks with the appearance below.

It is obvious that the new color palette is a greater option with the joyfulness and Pleasance.

How to Install New 1.12 Color Palette Pack

  1. Download McPack
  2. Access Minecraft PE
  3. Choose Settings > Global resources > Enable the pack

Receive a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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