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Minecraft PE seed : Nether – Jungle Village

In this seed you spawn on the edge of the jungle, the first things you will see is some part of a house that is first sign of the jungle village. In this village you will find a blacksmith with good loot and also close the village is a large cavern where you will find lots of diamond blocks. Entry to the village the first thing is finding the blacksmoth to get the items in there with: an iron pickaxe, 3 gold ingots and some bread. Then you need find the mark where is direction of the arrows in the images below to dig straght down and entrance to the cavern. After a while digging you will fall down to the cavern system, from the entrance of the cavern following this guilde and you will find the diamond.


The village
Dig in here
Following direction of arrows.

First, head to right until you see the little lava and a part of grass continue on your left and walk on the dirt left of the lava.


After you see the blue lapis and a fork, head to right


A huge  cavern with lots of lava, from here continue to your right. And finally you find the first diamond.


Seeds : Nether  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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