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Nameable Players Addon for Minecraft PE

The name of players in this game will be replaced by particular nametags. This shares some similarities with renaming many mobs, cows, and sheep. Therefore, let’s tag a cute nickname to someone.

Founded by: shonp40

How to Play Nameable Players Addon

Firstly, rename a name tag by the one you want. For example, I use “Grandpa” as a name tag. It requires you to use an anvil and is parallel an experience point.

After getting an edited name tag, you should apply it on a human test object. Naming the player is simple by making a long tap on it. Once these steps are completed, the players will be renamed.

The name will appear until you are online in the game. It restarts with the offline server.

How to Install Nameable Players Addon

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Add pack for enjoying a world

Download a .ZIP file for this game now.

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