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Minecraft PE seed : mymonkeys – Mining Resources

The spawn is inside the forest in the mesa biome. From the spawn to find the main section of this seed you just digging down. That will take quite lot of time but after fall down to the mine you will got a great price. 
Digging down at the spawn

After a while you will fall to the cave system . But in there has been flooded by water, so you need located where water comming then blocks it.

Fall down to the cave system.

The first things you will see after fall down to the cave system is lots of coal blocks. But the things we must focus is a lonely diamond block in the left.


This mine cave system quite of complex then we can’t accurately determine the location of each diamond blocks, but if you try to searching carefully you can find 15+ diamonds blocks including some diamonds without having to dig.

Seeds : mymonkeys Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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