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Music+ Resource Pack

This pack offers a good chance for you to play the game and relax in your free time. It is the improvement of music in Minecraft.

Founded by: AgentMindStorm

Key Features

Remember that these features make an influence on your decision of pack options.

  • Constant music
  • The songs start at 0.5 volume
  • Added Axolotl, Dragon Fish, and Shuniji
  • There is interchangeability among Water, Menu, Survival, and Creative music
  • There is interchangeability between Boss and End
  • After the Cat music disc plays, it’s time for Dog
  • Music disc music starts playing from the jukebox

Different Options of Pack

Various options of the pack come with different characteristics.

  • Total Mix: It allows different types of music such as Survival, Water, End, Creative, Credits, Nether, Boss, Menu
  • Default: You can use this pack for different features above
  • No Water Music: It remains the same features of Default. However, you can’t see Axolotl, Dragon Fish, or Shuniji
  • Old Music: This pack is not suitable for Water, Menu music, Nether, Creative, End, or Credits
  • Old Music+: Unlike the Old Music, this pack still makes use of Credits, End, and Nether music

Access Global Resources and press the Gear icon to convert pack.

How to Install Music+ Resource Pack

Download a .ZIP file for this game here.