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Mushroom islands fix in 0.14.0

There will be a Mushroom islands fix in 0.14.0. Mushroom Islands (home of the Mooshroom) have had quite a few issues in Minecraft Pocket Edition. There are a lot of players out there claimed that this biome is impossible to find. This will be looked into in 0.14.0. More giant mushrooms will now spawn in Mushroom islands to more clearly signify these areas!

Mushroom islands fix in 0.14.0

What is Mushroom island?

Mushroom islands are the only place that you can find Mooshrooms. Mooshrooms are red cows that were added in Update 0.9.0. They only naturally spawn in the Mushroom Biome.

Mushroom islands fix in 0.14.0

What are Mooshrooms?

Mooshrooms look like cow and basically are cows, except that they are red in color with completely black eyes and have mushrooms attached to their backs. However, Mooshrooms are incredibly rare as they only spawn on Mushroom Islands.

  • When sheared, Mooshrooms become regular Cows and yield 5 Red Mushrooms.
  • Mooshrooms can be milked with a bucket. Yes, their milk tastes just fine.
  • When a Mooshroom is milked with a Bowl, it yields Mushroom Stew.
  • When a Mooshroom is killed, like a normal Cow, it can drop leather and beef.
  • As with the cow, it will drop steak if killed with hot stuffs such as fire, Lava, a Fire-aspect Sword or a Flame Bow or a Fire Arrow.

Interesting facts about Mooshrooms

  • Mooshroom babies don’t have mushroom growth growing out of their backs.
    • However, Baby Mooshrooms can still be milked for milk and Mushroom Stew.
  • Cows and Mooshrooms are the only mobs that can be milked (so far).
  • Cows and Mooshrooms cannot get it on, cannot bred and certainly no cross-species actions.
  • With the Mushroom islands fix in 0.14.0, Mooshrooms won’t be as rare as they used to be, they might even spawn outside Mushroom islands biome like in the PC.

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