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More Dogs Add-on


Are you a person who loves dogs? This Minecraft more dogs add-on can bring your real favorite dog to your game by replacing three mobs. It has six new popular dog breeds that are inspired by our real life. Hence, it’s more likely that you can choose and nourish your favorite dog breeds. The first thing to make your own dog is to feed it some bones for tameness. After tamed, you are able to play or walk with your pet or even modify its look like a real Poodle.

How does this add-on work?

Firstly, you will choose your favorite dog. You can use the spawn eggs or a spawn naturally dog by replacing vanilla mobs.

  • The poodle is the replacement of Sheep: You can make it look nicer by shearing or coloring with any kind of dye.
  • Chihuahua is the replacement of Rabbit: This is absolutely the loveliest puppy with the great sound.
  • Huskie, Beagle, Weiner, and Dalmatian are the replacement of Ocelot

If you want to become of dog’s owner, you should tame by feeding your pet some bones. The sign of tamed dog is several heart particles existing on your dog.

  • With iOS or Android: Long tap on the dog and bone then press Tame.
  • For taming on Window 10, choose your dog and right-click. After tamed, your dog will follow around you. You can use a leash to control more.

Installation for More Dogs Add-on

In conclusion

Nourishing a dog in the game is really interesting. More dogs add-on is ideal for loving pet people like you.


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