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Money Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Money Mod is a special and unique mod which was created by Eaglerex.It is money in Minecraft PE which is a rather strange topic.

With this mod, you will have a new money system.You can earn money by killing mobs, mining ores and selling items in shops or achieved the milestone achievements in the game.When you start this mod, you will receive 50$.Let use it reasonable.You can use your money to buy some items in the shop.The shop command is /shop.To buy an item in a store simply type the following: / purchase.The mod also adds to the weekdays for the game to easily track currency system data.


Other Features

  • Money is automatically saved when you exit the game
  • Money is automatically loaded when you open a map
  • Invest in 7 different companies
  • Money can be used in all your words
  • Invested money you lose temporarily
  • On Sundays you will know how your investment went – loss or win
  • Loaned money must be repaid in 7 days. If not paid back in time the loaned amount will double and be withdrawn from your account automatically, perhaps even leaving you in debt
  • After you purchase a special item from a special shop tap on the ground to activate its special ability
  • Currently only one special item in the special shop: “Professional Lumber”. With this ability you can cut a whole tree just by cutting one wood
  • The tax changes from day to day
  • Items able to sell: Diamond, Gold Ingot, Flint & Steel, Cake, Iron Door, Iron Ingot, Arrows, Nether Reactor Core, Pumpkins, Gunpowder, Painting, Beetroot, Wheat, Book, Slime Ball, Redstone

All Commands

  • /shop
  • /buy [itemNumber]
  • /balance – gets your current money balance
  • /specialshop – a special shop with special items
  • /specialbuy [itemNumber] – buys an item from the special shop
  • /loan [amount] – self explanatory
  • /payloan or /repayloan – self explanatory
  • /addmoney [amount] – cheat to get free money (Youtubers can use this if they want to review the mod)
  • /removemoney [amount] – cheat to remove money (Youtubers can use this if they want to review the mod)
  • /nextday – cheat to change day (Youtubers can use this if they want to review the mod)
  • /reset – resets your money to $50 and deletes all finished achievements
  • /invest [amount] – investing command
  • /sell items – list of all items you can sell
  • /sell hand – sells the item you hold in your hand
  • /sell price – show the sell price of the item in your hand, it also lets you know if you can sell it
  • /companies – list of company you can invest in



Money Mod

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  1. Please remake for 0.16.0

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