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money maker – Cool NPC Villager

If you want to find an nice village seed in the Minecraft Pocket Edition seed in version 0.10.0+, you come to right place. In this seed you spawn close two villages, one village have a blacksmith with really good loot. The second village doesn’t, but in this village you can found an stronghold (contain a end portal).

After spawn you will see an house on far left. That is first village with a blacksmith contain following items: iron, emeralds, a saddle, an iron sword and apples.



The second village is sand village, doesn’t have any blacksmith. Especially in this village have only one villager…Maybe this is a ghost village.


You will find the stronghold in the well of village. One more thing, if you’re digging straight down in the stronghold you will find two diamond.


Seeds : money maker Work in PE ver0.10.0+

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