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Minecraft PE seed : mojang – Surface Dungeon

The target of this seed is finding a surface dungeon, with have lots of dangerous and great price. This village quite close the spawn, but the ways finding it, quite complex then you need following each step below to found it.

The spawn is a taiga forest biome, from the spawn you can see a tunnel leading down on the left side of you, but isn’t ways to reach the main section of this seed. To find it, you need walk straght ahead cross the river in front of you and the taiga forest biome. And just follow that direction about 100-200 blocks.

The spawn
Just follow that direction


The first sign to found the surface dungeon is a zombie walking around close the entrance of cave, the entrance of cave we have marked it in the images above.


This cave system doesn’t complex, it just have some path to walk, then easy to find the zombies spawner and two chest with great loot.

Your price in the chest is:

  • 4 strings
  • 3 wheat
  • 3 gun powders
  • 3 iron ingots
  • 2 buckets
  • 1 bread

Seeds : mojang Work in PE ver0.10.0+


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