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Minecraft PE Seed: mofia – Extreme Hills

An nice terrain seed, after spawn turn your face to right and that is an serial of extreme hill or we can call it is epic extreme hill. Why we should call it like that because you can see the seed have lots of high hills and mountains with unnatural overhang and some of them very high look like it can touch the sky and clouds. 




But that isn’t over, if you turn left and following that direction you will see a river. Cross the river and soon you will see another extreme hills place with magnificent hills, floating islands, lava and more epic overhangs.



If you try to passing the same river you are followed and soon you will realize you turn back to the spawn place. That is circular flow river, interestng …. To find the third place of the extreme mountain, from the spawn turn around and cross the river behind you soon it leading you to the third place of extreme hill.


This seed is very worthy to explore with lots of beautiful terrain and lots of space to explore. Then we can’t described everything of this seed in this post. So let us know your feeling after played this seed in your comment. Thanks!!!


Seeds : mofia Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5