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Minecraft PE seed : modsss – Village & Valuable Ores

In this seed you spawn in the a normal village with house, well but haven’t blacksmith. The major of this seed is lying below this village, to reach to that from the spawn you need go to the other side of the village (as you will see in the picture below). In there, have a gravel hole in the ground keep digging straight down until you reach to the dungeon with a chest (the list of items below). Using this guild and the picture it will help will got all diamonds and other ores. After quitted the dungeon, you will find a pool of lava with a lot of redstones and irons. Next, turn left and follow the tunnel you will see some visible diamonds, keep going you will find more. Good Luck!!! 



Follow the arrow then dig straight down here.


The list of items:

  • 2 iron buckets
  • 4 iron ingot
  • 3 bread
  • 3 string
  • 1 wheat




Follow the arrow to get more diamonds.
Seeds : modsss Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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