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Mod Factions Addon for Minecraft PE

The main function of this addon is turning different mobs of Minecraft to their right battle, depending on their faction. One of the best tools that support you well is the creeper. It plays an important role in helping you defeat other hostile mobs in an effective way.

Founded by: Sirconol

The New World Order of Mod Factions Addon

The creeper becomes a new best companion in your battle. It helps protect the players from hostile mobs like the spider. Therefore, it guarantees to protect players without harming them.

You may be suffered from the guardians, which are dangerous for everything locating near the ocean. Therefore, be careful and stay out.

There is an alliance between the witches and the undead. They support the mobs by throwing some health potions at them.

The followings are the collection of the behaviors of hostile mobs during the game.


  • Have red markings on their body
  • Friendly to witches, players and zombie villagers
  • Attempt to explode hostile mobs

The Bones (Skeletons & Strays)

  • Attacks spiders, silverfish, creepers, wither skeletons, wolves, and the others
  • Protect your cattle because the bones can attack animals
  • Blue marking appearing on their head

The Bugs (Spiders & Silverfish)

  • Attacks witches and undead
  • Spiders may feel hesitate to attack because of their past history

The Zombies (Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Husks & Zombie Villagers)

  • Both Husks and Zombies come with green marking on their body

The Hell Mobs (Blazes, Ghasts & Wither Skeletons)

  • Attacks everything can move
  • Ghasts come with purple war paint
  • Wither Skeletons make impressive by a red mark on their forehead
  • Ghast fireballs are more powerful
  • Magma cubes can attack in packs. Be careful!

The Fish (Guardians & The Elder Guardian)

  • Attacks most of the monsters and anything they previously attacked
  • Rule the ocean and protect the Elder
  • Come with face paint and blood to hide enemies
  • Threaten mobs, exception for animals
  • Drop rates for guardians (Golden ingots – low, Golden apples – high)
  • Drop rates for elder guardian (Diamonds – high, Sponge – sometimes)

The witches

  • Recover animals that are dying
  • Attacks the undead spiders or spiders tending to attack them

Read the full backstory here.

 How to set up Mod Factions Addon

Get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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