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Mocha!!! [PvP] Map

With various game modes, this map is an ideal option for those who love a challengeable game. These modes could be listed here, including the FFA, Sumo, and Duels. After choosing a suitable kit, you can access the arena and try to defeat the enemy. Managing different aspects of the game is possible with only a button selection. There is no need of leaving the game; it works well with LAN parties.
Founded by: jobetyk

How does Mocha!!! [PvP] Map work?

The place where you pawn is a lobby that offers various options for the game modes.
• Sumo: If you defeat your opponent, you will be the winner
• Duels: There are 6 kits for you to choose from. It is the game between 1vs1
• FFA: After taking your kit, you can start your battle immediately

How to Install Mocha!!! [PvP] Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP