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Mob Object Mod for Minecraft PE

Mob Object Mod is a new and interesting mod which is about mobs in Minecraft PE.It was made by YoshiMoon.This mod adds a new feature which allows you turn on and shut off the movement of mobs by the use of two different items. You can freeze and thaw their movements according to your wishes.

For example, instead of building a fence to ensure your animal is not fleeing,  you can give you the goods freeze them in their positions.Just tap on the mob with either of the two items to toggle their movement.And It will remain frozen until it does not freeze.

Mob Object
Mob Object

Items Ids and Crafting recipes:

  • Clay (ID: 337) = Freeze
  • Brick (ID: 338) = Unfreeze


Download Mob Object Mod for Minecraft PE


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