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Mob Fishing | Minigame Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

Mob Fishing is an all-new type of minigame that lets you compete against friends in a fishing competition. However, this fishing is not like normal fishing as here your objective is to fish cows, pigs, and other types of mobs to collect points. It is quite a challenging and fun minigame to play against others.

All credit goes to FloBoi

How to play Mob Fishing?

This map requires 2-4 players. Once all players have entered the map and understood the rules, you can walk out into the fishing area.

Begin by pressing the wooden button to start spawning mobs. And then also set a timer (in real life), like 10 minutes or so, to decide when the game ends.

mob fishing

Then find your chest, put on your assigned outfit and take the fishing pole from the chest.

mob fishing

Use your fishing pole to try and fish as many mobs you can. You fish mobs by aiming at the mob that you want to fish, press Fish and then press Fish again to try to make it land in your pool of water.

mob fishing

Once the timer has stopped it is time to end the game and compare your scores. Here, my score is 12 points!

mob fishing


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